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Compare your Page Speed
Google has confirmed that the loading speed is a ranking factor. This free tool will tell you how well your website compares to real user data. Simply enter your domain to start:
The use of the tool is free. You can do up to 25 queries a day. Once the limit is reached, a registration will be needed.

Why is page speed important?

Since July 2018, the loading speed of mobile web pages has been a ranking factor for Google search results. Desktop pages have already been evaluated. In addition to this direct benefit of higher search positioning there are numerous studies showing that users do not want slow websites. If the load time is too high, the user aborts the pager load and may return to the search results, where they could find the competition.

How can I improve page loading speed?

The optimization of load times is a very complex topic: it affects many different areas of a website from the hardware, to the Internet connection to the browser and hardware used by the visitor. An improvement in load speed is therefore very user dependent. With the PageSpeed Insights Google offers a good starting point with helpful hints and tip for optimization possibilities.

On which date source is this tool based?

The page speed evaluation data is based on real user data. Google provides a public data-set with load times as part of the Chrome User Experience Report. We build on this data, summarize it and present it in an easy-to-interpret context. The data is updated monthly and contains values ??of more than 10 million pages.

You need more?

In the SISTRIX Toolbox you can query unlimited data for all domains. Create a free account now and test the SISTRIX Toolbox for 14 days free of charge.