Keyword Tool

This free SISTRIX Keyword Research Tool helps you find the right keywords for your SEO content projects. Discover more keywords, see real user questions and related searches. To start, enter a keyword and select country & language:

The use of the tool is free. You can do up to 10 queries a day. Once the limit is reached, a registration will be needed.

Learn more about the free keyword research tool here.

Keyword extensions

Find additions and extensions to your keyword: what other terms are searched for together with your keyword? The list is sorted in descending order of interest.


Real user questions

In order to be permanently represented in the top 10 for a search term, you must fulfil the search intention of your visitors. Real user questions help you to understand the search intent.



Related Keywords

Your content must be specific enough to answer the questions of the users without leaving out important parts. Related keywords show you terms that you might want to cover.

Exporting keywords

If you are logged in, you can export and process all keywords from this analysis with one click. The export is available to SISTRIX clients as well as users of the Free Tools: