SISTRIX Visibility Index
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What is the SISTRIX Visibility Index?

The SISTRIX Visibility Index makes the success of a page measurable in Google's search results. Based on many millions of data points, we have raised this index value since 2008. It has established itself as the gold standard for measuring success in search engine optimization. In addition to the desktop search results, we now also capture smartphone results and show the smartphone visibility index separately.

How can I increase the visibility index?

The Visibility Index combines the number of keywords your page spans with the search volume on those keywords and the clickthrough rate of the position. To get a higher visibility index, you can work on these three points: Create new content to rank with more keywords, improve rankings, or rank higher-volume keywords.

How can I see the historical development?

In Germany, we have been raising the visibility index for many millions of domains for over 10 years. In other countries, we also have visibility data for a long time - for both desktop and smartphone search results. You can view the complete visibility history of all domains in the SISTRIX Toolbox. If you do not have an account, please test us for 14 days completely free and without obligation.