Check Visibility Index

Check the SISTRIX Visibility Index, or VI, for any domain with our free visibility check tool. Analyse your site in 40 countries for its mobile and desktop visibility in Google.

The use of the tool is free. You can do up to 25 queries a day. Once the limit is reached, a registration will be needed.
What is the SISTRIX Visibility Index?

The SISTRIX visibility index measures the success of each website in Google search results. We have been collecting this index value on the basis of many millions of data points since 2008.

It has established itself as the gold standard for measuring success in search engine optimisation. Besides desktop search results, we also collect mobile results and data from 34 different countries.

Learn more about the visibility index in our background article.

How can I increase my Visibility Index?

The Visibility Index combines the number of keywords for which your site ranks with the search volume on these keywords and the click rate of the position. To achieve a higher Visibility Index, you can work on these three points: Create new content to rank with more keywords, improve the ranking of your rankings or rank for keywords with higher search volume.

What is a good Visibility Index?

To assess how good (or bad) your current score is, it is best to compare yourself with your competitors. Look at the Visibility Index of your known competitors, but also use SISTRIX’s competitor and list function to discover previously unknown competitors.